Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy's German, or: Who needs "ge-", anyway?

Amy this morning: "Mami hat an mein Fuß sitzt".

Two noteworthy things about that are both in the word "sitzt": firstly, she seems to have generalised the -t morpheme for the past participle (though in this particular case, it should have been "gesessen", not "gesitzt" - I suppose it's a "strong" verb), and secondly, she fairly consistently omits the "ge-" morpheme of German past participles — just as it's done in, say, Low German, or English, for that matter.

I always find it interesting when Amy does things the way some other natlang does it; somehow that makes it seem more natural (in an "I can see where that development might have come from" way).

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