Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

General Conference weekend

The past weekend was general conference; this must mean that I have my LiveJournal for half a year now, since I'm pretty sure my first entry was about last October's General Conference.

I met two sister missionaries with interesting names there—Sister Horspool, who shares my father's cousin's family name (though she's from Southern California and not from England, where my father is from) and Sister Gysler, who is my wife's step-brother's sister-in-law[*]. It's a small world. (Incidentally, her brother is in the same mission, and when she was in Düsseldorf, she saw him fairly regularly: a couple of times a month. I think that's weird, meeting people you know on your mission, especially from your own family. But she says she only knows it that way.)

[*] In case you're wondering: Stella's father married again after the divorce from her mother. His second wife had two children by a previous marriage, Rahel and Alvin. Alvin had married Marlen Gysler, who is the sister of Elder and Sister Gysler who are now in the Hamburg mission. Is that clearer?
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