Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

In which Amy is sensitive

I brought some chocolate home from work (which St. Nicholas had brought me there, though I hadn't been in the office before to pick it up), including some... I'm not sure what they're called, but they're miniature bars of chocolate (about 1x2 cm, or about 1/4"x1/2" for you non-metric types) wrapped in coloured metallic-style paper, with four of those bars stacked crosswise ( = || = || from bottom to top) and held together with slightly elastic string. They're somewhat traditional here around Christmas, and some people hang them on their Christmas trees for decoration.

At any rate, Amy asked whether she could have one, and I said she could have one—her choice of which of the four. She chose the one with gold wrapping paper and extracted it from the bundle, unwrapped it, and ate it.

A bit later, I looked over and she had unwrapped two more little bars and had apparently eaten them, and I told her off—gently, I thought. I said she was supposed to eat one, but she had eaten three.

Amy froze and apparently didn't know what to do. I asked her whether she knew she wasn't supposed to eat more than one and she nodded; I asked her to apologise ("Say, 'I'm sorry'!") but she burst into tears and wanted to go to Mummy.

I think she wants me to like her; at any rate, she nearly ignores being scolded by Stella but really suffers (or at least, pays more attention) if I do so.

It took her quite a while to calm down and want to do anything. I tried to speak to her and explain why what she had done displeased me but she closed her eyes; perhaps she wanted to disappear rather than undergo the confrontation.

Eventually (after Stella threatened her with going to bed without watching the Sandman), she consented to say, "I'm sorry".

After that, she seemed happier again, so I daresay it brought her some measure of closure.

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