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Bad Internet connection

Our internet connection is really flaky at the moment, and it's driving me insane.

Previously, I'd had the router die on me occasionally, especially if I had lots of TCP connections at once (e.g. when using BitTorrent and downloading from a well-seeded torrent, or occasionally when using a lot of download bandwidth), but this is not it -- in those cases, the download rate would drop to 0 while the router reset itself, then come back to normal after a minute or so.

But this? Really, really slow connections all the time, with occasional bursts of normality. Pages take forever to load or they even time out. Pages with images are so much worse since you have so many more connections which can be slow or time out. Ugh.

I wonder whether it's our router or the Internet connection or what.

In unrelated news, Amy's plural of the German "Buch" is "Biecher" -- she has a front high unrounded vowel rather than the expected front high rounded vowel. Sounds like an East Prussian accent to me :)

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