Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Playing the Sims is like.... something or other: one at a time is best.

I think I don't like playing multiple Sims in one family. (When I told Stella that just now, she said, "O RLY? You've played the game for how long, now, and only just figured that out?")

I think part of what made me fascinated again with playing the Sims was playing the example family with Cyd and Porthos (Rosedale?) after installing Pets: the fact that there was only one human around.

Now that he has married and has a daughter, there are three people running around, but I feel like I want to focus on one. I feel kind of obligated to either make the others follow a certain plan, or just ignore them and have them running around in the background, in which case they might as well be gone.

I think I can't wait for Cyd to die. (He's already an Elder - but with permaplat he'd still have a fair few days to live.)

Perhaps I should kill off the parents or something and see whether playing just the daughter will be as fun as the gameplay was just after starting Cyd and Porthos. (There are two cats and a dog now, though one of the cats will shuffle off to meet her maker in a couple of days, leaving only the other cat [bought from the pet shop] and the dog [adopted as a puppy].)

Tags: the sims 2
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