Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Birthday party

Yesterday, Stella was busy preparing things for my birthday party -- cleaning up and baking a cake for me. That's so nice of her :)

Then in the evening, the guests came. First were Meike and Wolfgang. Since they were the first, I went ahead and showed Meike the Sims neighbourhood which Stella had made where all the houses were shaped like stuffed animals we have.

Shortly after that came Harald and Anika. Then we were four guests; Heyens were missing. After a while, we decided to call to make sure they had remembered -- it turned out they had forgotten and had invited an old acquaintance of Thomas's whom he had found again, unexpectedly, over the Internet. But Sonja came along a bit later.

Most of the time, we talked about baby stuff :). I guess we got started on that because Meike is seven months pregnant, due in Januar. And Anika could contribute some of her own experiences; their first daughter just turned one. I enjoyed listening to them "fachsimpel", as the Germans say XD ("talk shop"?)
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