Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

We're leaving on a jetplane!

We went to the airport in Hamburg yesterday to show Amy the aeroplanes. Partly because Amy claimed she wanted to fly to Switzerland in an aeroplane, but her notion that you had to wear a head-covering on an aeroplane made Stella think that she probably imagined them like the aeroplane Miffy's uncle flew: a two-seater where the passenger sat behind the pilot and both were exposed to the fresh air from their chest up.

So, anyway, we went to the airport and onto the observation deck and watched several aeroplanes, big and small, take off and a few landed ones taxi to their final positions (we only got to see one actually in the process of landing since the others were already on the ground by the time they came into view).

We could also see an aerobridge being moved in preparation for an incoming plane; the plane arriving at that parking position; the luggage being unloaded (and new luggage for loading arriving even before the old luggage was completely unloaded); and passengers exiting the plane. We also saw passengers entering the plane at the next parking position, the pushback of that plane, and subsequent taxiing and takeoff.

At one point, Amy said she would so like to go on a plane ("möchte so gerne"), and so Stella sighed and decided we'd probably all fly to Switzerland this summer, even though she dislikes flying.

So, let's see how it'll turn out. I expect I'll book the flight as soon as I know that my holiday request has been approved, to forestall possible price increases, since the cheap seats are often limited.

I imagine we'll be flying Air Berlin; not sure whether they have seat reservations, which would be helpful. I know Germanwings, for example, do not, using this as an incentive to check in early since the earlier you check in, the earlier you're allowed to board and to pick your own seat, so the later you come, the more constrained your selection. Though IIRC even there, disabled passengers and those with small children are allowed to board with the first group of passengers, so that should work out.

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