Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Secret code

Sometimes I write down numbers (such as TANs) which I don't want other people to read, in (Sino-)Korean—or for extra obfuscation, in another language such as Niuean but with Korean or Arabic characters.

Recently I got the idea that I could use the combination of Lojban (language) and Arabic (writing)... the numbers are all only one CV syllable in Lojban, and represented in the transcription I use by one Arabic consonant letter and one diacritical mark: پً pa رِ re شٍ ci وُ vo مٌ mu خً xa زِ ze بٍ bi سُ so نُ no (1 .. 9, 0).

The letters are unique if you're just looking at the numbers, so you could just write the consonants next to one another and possibly pronounce it as a word... applying this process to my telephone number gives زخوزنشبخ. One possible pronunciation of this is [zəˈxuːz nəʃəˈbax]... which, at least to me, sounds more Hebrew than Arabic. (Perhaps I should spell it זכוז נשבך instead, or זְכוּז נְשְבַּך fully pointed.)

Nifty :D

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