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Philip Newton

Amy's new kindergarten

We took Amy to have a look at her new kindergarten this morning (the bilingual one).

We were the only ones there, except for the director and one teacher—since they only just started up on Monday, they only have a couple of kids coming so far and those only for an hour or two each day while they get used to the place.

They showed us the rooms, and it all seemed fairly nice. (And very not-lived-in yet!) So we signed the paperwork; at least, most of it, since the final calculation of what we'll pay will have to wait until we get the coupon from the Jugendamt (it'll depend on what they figure my net salary is after deductions).

At first, Amy stayed close by us (and wouldn't speak to either of the two ladies there); later, she played by herself, but only when Vivien wasn't in the room—she came into the office while we were in there with Stephanie, the director, and said that Amy would not really play while she was in there and wouldn't react when spoken to, but that as she was leaving the room, she saw Amy starting to get out some toys and play by herself.

After an hour or so, I left to go to work; Stella just called me to say that they had stayed for another couple of hours, and that Amy had "thawed" during that time and would speak to Vivien and Stephanie as well—and even put her head on Vivien's arm at one point.

So that seems auspicious.

Stella said she'll probably go back again tomorrow afternoon. There's a girl there called Christine whose first language is Swedish (her mother speaks to her in Swedish, her father in German, and the two amongst themselves in English) and who comes for an hour a day or so since Monday together with her father, and he suggested that it would be nice if there were another child there while Christine is getting used to the place, so since it was in the afternoon when Erik will be home already, Stella agreed.

Perhaps she'll also go there next Wednesday morning when she has her day off again.

It also seems that the getting-used phase when Amy officially starts may not need to be very long, given that she already seems to like the place and has already built up a small measure of trust in the teacher there.

(Who might not be her teacher in the end, but they'll probably have all the groups together initially until there are enough children to justify employing more people.)

When Stephanie and I went to have a look at the roof-top terrace (which is still under construction, but will belong exclusively to the kindergarten as soon as it's finished, and will include things such as sandpits and swings), I noticed her eyes in the light from the outside: they were a rather interesting (and pretty!) colour, sort of like amber, that I can't recall having seen before as an eye colour. They were too light to be called "brown", and I'm not sure whether "hazel" is the name for that colour.

Hm... *looks up the topic on Wikipedia* It seems that "amber" is the name I'm looking for. How prosaic :)

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