Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy Finn's languages

I asked Amy Finn (who's from Ghana) yesterday which languages she speaks, and she answered, English, German, and French. She said that French was her second language, which she learned at school, and English her first language.

I was a little surprised that she spoke no local languages; Stella, too, apparently, since she asked about tribal languages. Amy said that there were many tribes in Ghana and many languages. Apparently, her tribe (collection of tribes?) speaks twelve languages, of which she speaks three: [Something which I didn't catch but which seemed to end in [wi:] - Twi, perhaps? Though the first sound sounded like [s] or [ts] or something like that to me], Fante, and Ga.

I'm a bit curious why she didn't mention those languages when I asked her which languages she spoke. Did she think I wouldn't have heard of them, or that I wouldn't count them as "languages", or that I was only asking about "trade languages"?

When I asked her what she spoke at home with her parents, she said Fanti, so I presume that's more likely to be what I'd call a "first language".

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