Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

New network at work

Our computers were migrated from one network to another over the weekend.

It took a little while to get my computer working (mostly) as usual again.

First, it didn't recognise my password. Resetting that one another user's machine and rebooting helped.

Then, it had the old Windows-NT-style design, rather than the "Luna" XP scheme. Whodathunk that that'd be due to a "Design Service" not running? I didn't even know they needed a separate service for that. Anyway, got that running, too.

Next up, change the name of the Exchange server and enter the new proxy URL. Apparently, the new proxy doesn't require authentication? Interesting. But it means that Opera works with it more easily—it had problems with our old proxy and I ended up putting an extra proxy between Opera and the company proxy which took care of the NTLM authentication. (Strangely enough, very old versions of Opera worked fine, perhaps because they had never heard of NTLM authentication and so only tried Basic, which the proxy also accepted.)

My home directory is already back (though I have to use the IP address of the server rather than its hostname for now); it'll be a while before all servers are migrated into the new network, though, so I'm without Subversion at the moment (haven't tried Oracle).

Edit: Hm, my Cygwin environment is still a bit messed up. I shall have to try to import the new domain accounts and stuff into its config.

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