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I know, let's get this article into every Wikipedia possible!

I'm not sure which such article I first came across... I think some small town in Poland. Then it was the True Jesus Church.

Recently, while looking at someone's talk page on the Lojban (I think it was) Wikipedia, I saw a request to create an article for Almazán. And today, I saw an article on Uetersen on the Pennsylvania Dutch Wikipedia which had dozens of interwiki links.


I wish people would stop doing that sort of thing. Once or maybe twice might be interesting. Possibly even more, for things that really are relevant to many people all over the globe -- perhaps a country, or a world religion. But little towns?

I mean, it's kind of cute that so many Wikipedias have an article about Uetersen, since I grew up right next door in Tornesch (from when I was 6 until I moved out from my parents', who still live there). But I still don't quite see the point for an article about Uetersen in, say, Norfolk/Pitcairn, or Zhuang, or Kazakh. I'm sure many, many small Wikipedias have much more important topics they could use articles on.

And from a couple of translations I looked at, some were even in English. Or, at best, they're a one-sentence stub. And then, really, what's the point? Seeing that "Uetersen is a town in Germany, near Hamburg" is about as useful as omitting the article entirely. (Especially if there's not even an article on Germany in that Wikipedia!) It just seems like an attempt at one-upmanship along the lines of "My lemma is in more Wikipedias than yours".

You know what? I think I might not even mind if the person adding the entry to all those Wikipedias did it himself, with his own knowledge of the languages. That's quite a feat. (Especially if the entry consists of more than one sentence -- say, two paragraphs or so.) But asking volunteers on that Wikipedia to translate your stub for you seems so pointless to me. I kind of wish they wouldn't comply with such requests. Let the competitive guys learn enough of over a hundred languages that they can compose two paragraphs of grammatically-correct and idiomatic insert language here, and then they can insert an article on their favourite little village.

...I'm wondering what mood to pick for this entry. "Annoyed" doesn't quite fit; somehow, the topic doesn't seem important enough to warrant that mood. "Weary" might fit it better, perhaps, even though it's not a system mood and doesn't have a mood pic.

Edit: When I told Stella about this, she seemed a bit amused and told me I was worrying over something that was not my problem at all. If someone wants to spam their town all over Wikipedia, why should that be my problem? If someone on the Lower Slobovian Wikipedia wants to help that person by translating their text into Lower Slobovian, why not let them?

Perhaps she has a point. I just can't make myself be un-annoyed at the whole thing so easily.

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