Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

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Missed the bus

The bus this morning was late, and behind the driver was standing another person in uniform... perhaps the driver was being trained? He also drove rather slowly and (over-?)cautiously, I thought.

At any rate, we pulled into the bus station in Harburg just around the time my other bus was supposed to have left. I thought I might still be in luck since my connecting bus is sometimes late, but I think I saw it a bit further down the road.

My suspicions were confirmed when the bus took another 20 minutes to arrive: I had missed the first one because (a) the bus was late and (b) the (already late) bus drove more slowly than usual.

Had I known this in advance, I would have asked the bus driver to radio ahead to ask the other bus to wait in Harburg. As it is, I came to work even later than I already was.

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