Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy and language, part the next

Amy is getting surprisingly good at German grammar, including irregular plurals and past participles; she's also good at extrapolating adjective agreement and other inflections (e.g. "That has Mummy gepaintet", where she cannot have heard the last word anywhere, but it's what the appropriate German form would be if it had been a German word :D). I'm continually surprised.

Her English grammar is not at that level yet, but then she hasn't the same level of exposure to it.

A recent amusing expression: "I don't are [somethingorother]!" Probably one of her first forays into English verb negation (previously, she preferred to use "not" after the verb, as in German, rather than to use auxiliary "do")—unfortunately for her, "to be" doesn't use "do" for negation :). And also unfortunately, "to be" inflects for for person in English, unlikely just about all other verbs, so you can't just pick up one form (in this case, the "you" form) and use it for the "I" form or the infinitive.

It'll come :)

And she still says "Das schaffe ich schon ganz a-selbst". Which amuses me every time :D (A hybrid of "ganz alleine" and "selbst".)

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