Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy nearly in the papers

There was an article in the local newspaper about Amy's new kindergarten (with the headline "Now all that's missing is the children"!), with a picture of Vivien (the teacher), Stephi (the directrix), Till (the Zivi), and three children (Sana, Hussein, Kristin).

I imagine that if Amy were already going there every day, rather than once a week, she would have been on the picture, too.

It's also a little amusing that Stephi explicitly points out that "we've already got children from India, Poland, Sweden, and Arabia"; that accounts for four out of the six I know of so far :) So it's more of a coincidence that the first "batch" of children is so diverse. (And IIRC, Hussein's father is from Lebanon rather than "Arabia", though he travelled around a bit and I don't know where Hussein grew up.)

Tags: amy, kindergarten
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