Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

My computer, the alarm clock

For several weeks now, ever since I had configured Windows Media Center, my computer would wake up by itself at around 6 a.m. if it was in Standby mode, and I couldn't see where to turn that off. Apparently, this was to download new EPG data or something. The computer would typically shut itself off again after a few minutes, but the noise of my computer's optical drive spinning up and the fan turning on would wake me up, and falling back asleep would be difficult.

On Sunday, it stopped doing that for some reason. I thought it was due to the fact that summer time started in Germany, and was about to be glad that I could leave my computer on Standby without having to worry about being woken up (previously, if I didn't want to be woken up the next morning, I would have to either shut down the computer completely, or kill the power when the computer had gone to sleep and rely on Vista's Hybrid Sleep doing a combination of Suspend-to-RAM and Suspend-to-Disk), though I was also worrying about jinxing it by writing about it in my LiveJournal.

Well, this morning, my computer turned on again at 6:14. I'm sure it's no coincidence that I used Windows Media Center to watch Live TV last night, but still. *sigh*

Anyone know how to disable this behaviour? I couldn't find anything relevant in my Scheduled Tasks, nor anything in WMC's options, but I could be overlooking something. I'm quite fine if it doesn't have the EPG data for that data right at the crack of dawn, and the computer gets EPG data by itself in the morning anyway soon after I switch it on if it was off during the night.

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