Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

The things you learn: overalls vs. dungarees

And another word I've been using "wrong" all along!

I've been referring to trousers with an attached front patch covering the chest and with attached braces (called suspenders in the USA) which go over the shoulders (German "Latzhose") as "overalls".

Then I read an article on social classes in the US and the UK which mentioned in a sidenote ("**") that this is an American term and that that clothing is called "dungarees" in the UK; Wikipedia agrees (s.v. overall).

And an "overall" in British use, according to sepcommonlang and Wikipedia, is what Americans call a "coverall" or "boilersuit", something which I've seen before but am not sure I had a word for.

Is that a "Blaumann" in German? (Which, conversely, is a word I'm not sure I have an image for.) Searching for that on Google images turns up pictures of both US overalls (aka "bib overalls" - trousers with chest patch) and UK overalls (full-body suit); does it apply to both, then?

Tags: the things you learn
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