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Perl Geek Code

(This should, perhaps, go to pnedev instead, but I'm putting it here so that maybe frobisher will see it.)

Damian pointed us to The Perl Geek Code on london-list. I was just trying to figure out what my Perl Geek Code is when I came to the "MO" (Perl Monger) category ... one of the options is "MO+++ : I founded and/or head a Perl Monger group or I am David H. Addler [sic]". Bwahaha! :) And interesting that it's a step higher than "MO++ : I participate in at least 2 Perl Monger groups" :D

Just how many Perl Monger groups are you a member of, dha?

(Addendum: the notes for CO++++ are also interesting, though this time what amused me was the inclusion of acme in that rating.)

Ah... the in-jokes. A fun piece to read.

Edit: Here's what I've come up with.

P++ c++ P6(-) R+(++) M++ O+ MA++ E- PU BD C+ D+ S@ X
WP- MO PP>+++ n- CO>+ PO! o G A--
OLC+CC+ Ee-(---) Ev>+ Eon- uL$H$ w+() m? os?

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