Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Visiting Goerkes

Today, we visited the Goerkes. We had rented a car for the weekend, in order to go to visit Meike and Wolfgang (where we went yesterday) and to go to couples class this evening.

Couples class was moved to next week, but since we had the car, we asked Goerkes whether we could visit them instead and they invited us to dinner after church.

So we ate with them, and spent the rest of the day there, too, playing games and talking. Amy spent some time with Rebecca and Verena, including some time outside, which was probably good.

Some of the couples had decided to meet up at Fischers' anyway just for a social gathering, and I had originally considered going there in the evening after our time at Goerkes', but I ended up being too tired and so we just drove home instead.

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