Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Forwarding ruthannereid to ruthannereid in three rename tokens

(Backdated entry)

I think that ruthannereid can be forwarded to ruthannereid in three rename tokens, if you have an extra account.

For clarity, I'll call the accounts "RR" (the one that's currently called ruthannereid, with one entry), "DTR" (the one that's currently called ruthannereid, with 800+ entries), and "SPARE" (the one that may need to be created first, with an arbitrary username such as "6qtysinmci3pujo"). Their current username at each step will be in lowercase, e.g. "ruthannereid".

New usernames will be shown in bold; moved-aside usernames in italics.

Original state6qtysinmci3pujoruthannereiddoortoriver
Rename "6qtysinmci3pujo" to DTR's name "doortoriver";
"doortoriver" is moved aside.
Rename "ex_doortoriv123" to RR's name "ruthannereid";
"ruthannereid" is moved aside.
Rename "ruthannereid" to SPARE's name "doortoriver";
"doortoriver" is moved aside.

As you can see, this accomplishes the two stated goals that (1) "ruthannereid" forwards to "doortoriver", and (2) both of those names will belong to the DTR account (the one currently called ruthannereid).

The spare journal will end up being called ex_doortoriv789 and the current one-entry journal will end up being called ex_ruthanner456; however, since it doesn't sound as if either of them is needed, that should be fine and I believe that three rename tokens are sufficient.

It's probably easiest if there are two spare journals, one of which solely exists to friend 6qtysinmci3pujo, ruthannereid, and ruthannereid so that you can easily find the moved-aside usernames.

Though we're mostly only interested in the moved-aside name I called "ex_doortoriv123" here, since that's the only one we'll want to rename to something else; it doesn't matter if SPARE or RR get lost. So it's probably enough just to add ruthannereid to 6qtysinmci3pujo's friends list at the beginning.

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