Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

A sucker for advertising

There's this new biscuit that's come out recently, with a long, thin biscuit coated in milk chocolate except for a small bit at one end to pick it up by.

I had seen advertising for it at various bus stops, with the chocolate-free bit at the end labelled "Haltestelle".

That pun made it nearly irresistible for me to buy a packet of them when I went shopping today.

("Halten" in German is not only "to hold" but can also mean "to stand still", at least for vehicles such as cars and busses; compare "Hold it right there!" in English. So "Haltestelle" is primarily "bus stop" [i.e. places where busses stand still] but, in the advertisements, meant "place for holding [the biscuit]".)

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