Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

More on dextromethorphan and its availability in Germany

DocMorris, the mail order chemists, offer various items containing dextromethorphan, including Silomat DMP, ratiopharm tablets, and Wick MediNait.

So the claim that d. was taken off the German market seems even more implausible.

(I also found a comparison between Wick MediNait and Vicks Nyquil, saying that the US version was better since the active ingredients are in a higher—and, they said, more sensible—dosage, and there was less alcohol in it to boot. The main difference after that was that the US version had no pseudoephedrine.)

I tried the herbal cough syrup last night and wasn't too enamoured: I woke up at about one o'clock from coughing, took another dose, and it took quite a while for the coughs to subside. This morning, I was really tired because I was up for about an hour at night. Give me my chemicals back.

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