Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Well, that's not what you want to come home to...

When I came home this evening, I was greeted by a young boy walking toward me slowly and his mother saying, "Wait until he's come home properly". So I was already a bit, what?

Then Yvonne told me that they had taken Stella to the hospital. And from the open window upstairs, our upstairs neighbour came and said that Stella had eaten some peanut and had gone into anaphylactic shock, and she had gone upstairs to them (since their son works for the Johanniter) and they had called an ambulance. Apparently, a helicopter had even been called but had been called off again when the ambulance arrived and they found it wasn't quite so critical.

They didn't know where Stella had been taken, because the ambulance had come and gone so quickly, so our neighbour suggested I call 112 and tell them Mrs. Lingsteding had called them to our street and could they tell me where she had been brought.

So I did, and they said that she had been taken to the general hospital here in Harburg. So I called their switchboard, they asked me for Stella's date of birth, and confirmed that she had been admitted to the ER, and put me through to them. I asked how Stella was and they said she would be able to tell me herself.

A couple of minutes later, the phone rang and Stella was on the line. She said that she was already feeling better, that they had given her some kind of medicine and that they were going to observe her, and that if everything worked out all right, she might get discharged this evening (or so she understood it). She did say she'd try to call me if she ended up having to spend the night there.

So we'll see what will happen.

A bit later on, another neighbour called to inquire how I was and to offer their help—for example, if I wanted someone to accompany me to the hospital or to take care of Amy. Mrs. Lingsteding, who had taken care of Amy since Stella got taken away, had also offered to take her again if I wanted to go to the hospital by myself. (She said she had enough toys since they had grandkids, and that Amy had been playing quite happily until I came back.)

I've brushed Amy's teeth and put on her pyjamas. Since I thought Stella had told me this afternoon that Amy had taken a nap, I didn't send her to bed since chances are she wouldn't be able to fall asleep earlier than nine or so anyway, but told her to stay in her room with the door closed.

So now let's see.

Update. (Executive summary: she's back, throat seems fine, circulation still wobbly, she's gone to bed.)

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