Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Possible new flat

Stella would like to buy a flat of our own, rather than continuing to rent; partly as a buffer against future increases in rent and partly so that eventually, we wouldn't have to keep paying at all.

So every now and then, she looks at advertisements on the Internet, and recently, she found one she liked.

So I told her she could have a look at it and if she still wanted it, we could discuss it. So she went there on Friday and liked it, then made another appointment this morning for me to go along, too.

I'm not too keen on moving in the first place, and I'm not really sure what to look for in a flat to buy.

But it looks like a flat to me. Three rooms, like we have now; total floor area 74 m² (800 sq.ft.), like we have now; windows on three sides (including one in the bath room, which Stella occasionally complains about our flat not having). A little garden (well, a strip of what's currently lawn running along the front of the block of flats, which belongs to us up to a "depth" of 4 m/13 ft and which we could turn into a garden if we wanted). A playground right next to the house, which would be good for Amy, I suppose.

Stella said she'd probably turn the bigger room into the bedroom (where she'd put both of our desks) and the smaller room into the living room, since we don't use that as much. Amy would get the smallest room, which is smaller than what she has now, but which Stella says should be enough.

The kitchen comes furnished with rather altmodisch-looking cupboards etc., but which Stella says she rather likes, unlike (she says) most women her age. I don't particularly mind either way.

So now we have to decide whether to buy it or not, and then approach the bank to see whether they'd help us pay for it.

It's mostly up to me.

Tough decision. Meh.

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