Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Goodbye, Miss Schelewski; hello, Mrs Panitsch!

I took the day off work today, partly because of the parents' meeting at the kindergarten I wanted to attend, and partly because a friend of Stella's and mine got married this morning.

There ended up being nearly 30 people in all, which surprised the lady at the registry office; she said that such a large turnout was rather unusual for a Thursday. There was also only enough seating for 20, so a fair number of people stood.

I think Sabine had been waiting for that day for quite a while, judging by a comment or two during the ceremony :)

Afterwards, the children from her kindergarten (she's the director) held up twigs with coloured streamers attached to them, like archies for the newlyweds to walk through.

And her witness had a nifty idea: she had prepared helium balloons with a letter on each one, spelling out Sabine's maiden name. Then, after the ceremony, she took Sabine outside, and Sabine got to cut the strings of each balloon with a pair of scissors, one by one; metaphorically, she cut herself loose from her maiden name to embrace her new family name :) (Three of the balloons got trapped in a tree standing outside the registry office, but I doubt that was symbolic, too!)

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