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Software archaeology

So, I made a kanji mood theme several years ago. I also packaged it up as a ZIP file for people to create their own mood theme from.

Unfortunately, a bunch of moods were missing from the ZIP file, moods where I created specific icons rather than letting them inherit the icon from their parent, after my first batch of icons.

Now I moved my mood theme icons to a different server a while ago... and thought that the ZIP file was complete, so I just extracted that. Now several moods were missing, especially "geeky" which I tend to use a fair bit.

I dug that one up from the bowels of and/or Google's cache (I don't remember which), but thought the others were lost forever.

But just today, while fiddling around with the mood theme editor thingy, I found that the icons which still pull from the old URL still work! Apparently, I didn't delete the icons from there, which I thought I had.

So I recovered them from there, downloaded them to my local hard drive (and added them to SVN for good measure), and created a new ZIP file. Then I uploaded them to the new server and made a new tarball there.

Phew. (Incidentally, "relieved" (42) is one of the mood pics I recovered this way.)

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