Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Travelling to Rhaeto-Romania

I'd planned to take two day trips to Grisons when we visit Switzerland in August.

One of them is already planned (an all-day train trip), but the other one is still open.

One thought that I had had was to go somewhere where Rumantsch is still spoken; apparently, this means either the west of the canton or the east (on this map, roughly the westernmost and the easternmost region).

But when I thought about it some more, I wondered what I was trying to achieve.

After all, I don't speak Rumantsch, so if I wanted to talk to someone, I'd probably have to use German (or English or maybe French), in which case I might as well go somewhere where the majority speaks German anyway. And just sitting in the town square or in a café listening to people doesn't sound very exciting, either. And just going to a Rumantsch-speaking village in order to take a picture of it to show I've been to one seems rather pointless, even to me, who's considering going to Juf just to have been there (and who went to Malbun mostly to have been there last time).

But at least those places are specifically interesting in themselves (as roughly the highest place served by the respective bus network), whereas there's no one particular Rumantsch-speaking place.

So perhaps I'll scratch that.

I also thought about learning a little Rumantsch before I go, which brings up the issue of which variety to learn. Which, in turn, would depend on where I expect to go. (And I wonder how people would react to someone speaking Rumantsch Grischun; I believe some consider it only a written language and strongly prefer the local idioms for speaking.)

...I've got a feeling I've written about this before.

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