Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Linguathon: Rumantsch

So there's this thing called the Linguathon Challenge (linguathon), which is basically "study a language of your choice every day for the month of July and post updates to the community for mutual support, and to see what you can achieve in a month".

It came just at the time where I had purchased a Rumantsch dictionary and was planning on learning a few phrases for my holidays in August, so I thought I'd participate with Rumantsch.

I can imagine that I'll also be posting in my journal. I considered making an opt-in filter, but I wanted to keep the entries googlable and open to people not on my friends list, so I'll probably just tag the entries "linguathon" and/or "rumantsch" and (when I think of it) lj-cut them so that people who aren't interested in updates (possibly not daily in my journal) can skip them more easily.

Tags: linguathon, romansh
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