Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


So I decided to fill out a table of correlatives like the one they have in Esperanto, since I figure I should the "little" words first since they tend to trip me up the most.

I found two on Wikipedia (one for Esperanto, one for English) and made a grid, then tried finding the right words to put in it. That didn't work out perfectly since I had a couple of categories with no words and several words which didn't fit that well into any of my categories but were still related (e.g. "most" and "some" in between "none" and "all").

Incidentally, the Romansh word that trips me up the most is sin. I keep reading it as Spanish sin or Latin sine, "without"—but it's actually "on, on top of"!

I also had a go at some minor changes to Wikipedia articles.

Tags: linguathon, romansh
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