Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Talked to Mrs McVeigh (Virginia) again this morning. Apparently, she's from Northern Ireland specifically (Belfast).

Installed Opera 9.51 and Firefox 3 at work.

I'm not sure whether I like the new behaviour of FF3's Ctrl+Plus zooming -- it seems to zoom images as well, rather than just the text, which I used to think was an advantage of FF2 over Opera.

Specifically, I like to zoom the Gmail appearance up one or two steps so that the font size is easier to read (the display here has a higher dpi than I'm really comfortable with) -- but then the lines between mails don't have a consistent width since every eighth line or so is 2px rather than 1px tall, presumably because it's a zoomed image. Yuck.

I wonder whether that can be fixed somehow, but I haven't been bothered enough to go check.

Most of my add-ons still work, fortunately. Tab Mix Plus I found an update for, the one for Firebug doesn't seem to want to download :(, and the others (Open in Browser and Target Alert) aren't that critical.

Bzuh? Opera seems to render my friends page in Lucide Sans Unicode (or something like that) now, rather than the Georgia it had been up to now. My font preferences seem fine to me, though, at a first glance.

Also, when a page has finished loading, the tab doesn't turn blue any more.

And the one-key shortcuts (e.g. "2" for next tab) were disabled.

Why why why? Perhaps for new installations, but why for installing over an existing one? I have muscle memory, dammit - why do you have to break it?


At least it's one click to re-enable the whole lot.

Edit: Bzuh? Changing the font for "Latin Extended-B" changes the font of my friends page.

In what universe does that make sense?

Also, "Georgia" doesn't appear in the list of fonts I can choose for that writing system. And some of the other fonts I could pick that look similar don't render well at screen font sizes (Georgia has pretty decent screen hinting). Am using DejaVu LGC Serif right now, which is similar, but... this is ridiculous.

I could do with some chocolate right about now.

I'm really tired. I wonder how I'll make it through the day at work.

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