Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

New Opera and Firefox

OK, so I got rid of my greatest annoyances with Opera 9.51 and Firefox 3:

After installing the "Opera 9 Classic" skin, I can now tell unread tabs from read ones again, and I figured out how to make Firefox scale only the text (but not the images) when I zoom in and out.

So I thought I'd install the two on my PC at home, too.

I was kind of expecting a weird font on my LiveJournal friends page. Only here it's the font for the "Greek Extended" range that's being used, not the one for "Latin Extended-B". *sigh*

I wonder in which universe that makes sense.

Ah well. Now I have DejaVu Serif for my friends page (and Heise Newsticker, and—presumably—lots of other pages) rather than my "default" Georgia. *sigh* I'll survive, but still.

OK, this is getting ridiculous. My friends page was in MS Gothic or something like that now (a Japanese font). I've really no idea how Opera decides to pick fonts. Most of my page is in Latin letters, dagnabbit! Edit: It was GulimChe, a Korean font. Possibly caused by the presence of about half-a-dozen Hangul syllables on the page. That's still no excuse to render the entire page in that font, though, IMO.

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