Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

The Roman alphabet is conspiring against Amy

This morning, as we were eating breakfast, Amy looked at the carton of milk on the table and said, "There's an aitch on it!"

And indeed, there was: a big H in the background, taking up about half of one side, presumably because it was UHT milk (known colloquially as "H-Milch" in Germany).

So we started looking for some more letters. "Do you see an eff?" "What's that next to the em?" etc.

Then I told her that the letter next to the M in "Milch" (written in a sans-serif font) was a "small eye. Look—it's got a dot on top. Do you see the dot? Small i's have dots on them."

And Amy said, "And next to it is a big eye!"

Nice try—unfortunately, not this time. "No, that's a small ell. But you're right: a big eye looks like that, too. Small ells and big eyes often look the same."

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