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Random memory

I remember how we took the ferry to England for the funeral of (I think) my grandfather.

My father had booked "Commodore Class" cabins for us; they were the highest class available, but a cabin with a window is better than something two decks down with no window and close to the churning of the screw; it would probably let us pass the journey better.

At any rate, the next morning, we wanted to go into the "7 Seas" restaurant for the breakfast buffet. At the entrance, we had to show our tickets, and when the person there saw that we had booked Commodore Class, he said we could use the "Blue Riband" restaurant instead: a smaller and classier restaurant reserved(?) for guests of the higher cabin classes.

My father said that we'd rather eat in the "7 Seas" restaurant, though, but the employee would have nothing of it. Apparently, "can eat in the better restaurant" meant "shall eat in the better restaurant". So we ended up being waited on, which is nice enough, I suppose, but we all would really have preferred the buffet style where we could just take whatever we pleased and what we thought looked nice rather than having to place an order with a waiter.

Noblesse oblige? *sigh*

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