Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

either = auch nicht

Amy seems to have twigged that I generally use "either" (rather than "also not") in sentences where she'd use "auch nicht" in German, but not to have cottoned on to the fact that you still need a negative word in there.

Case in point: this morning, she spilled a little water on the sleeve of her bird suit and told me that the yellow hem was wet. I asked her whether the sleeve itself was wet, too, and she said no; she pointed to the birds and said, "This bird is not wet, and this bird is either wet, and this bird either".

Which sounds fine in German: "Dieser Vogel ist nicht nass, und dieser Vogel ist auch nicht nass, und dieser Vogel auch nicht". But not so much in English :)

(Incidentally, trying out post-by-email from where I'm currently stationed for work. No Web connectivity here for now.)
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