Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Out of interest, I decided to figure out Qibla direction from our new house; the Wikipedia entry helpfully links to several online services to help you. (Interestingly enough, several of them showed me in Hamburg right off the bat; IP geolocation, perhaps? Certainly helpful as a starting point.)

I was a bit disappointed to get various directions, even though I used pretty accurate coordinates (53.43434 N 9.985 E).

A couple of places said 132.93° or 132°56' (same thing), but another said 134.71°/134°42" [sic-with second sign " not minute sign ']; they also disagreed as to the distance (4'369'168 m vs. 4'362'403 m).

I think I'd go with what the majority told me (132.93°, 4369 km).

FWIW, Bahá'í Qiblih is 129° and 3023 km, according to one site I found.

And FWIW, "LDS Qiblah" would be -38.79°/-38°48" and 8'180'591 m to the Salt Lake Temple or -50.48°/-50°29" and 7'465'686 m to Independence Temple Lot (according to the one site that let me enter an arbitrary destination... but which was also the odd-one-out on the angle to Mecca so I'm less inclined to trust it).

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