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This came in the email today

You may notice something different when you load the
support board today. Don't panic -- it's not a bug!
You're being granted interim privs to help you polish
your support skills and learn and grow as a support
volunteer. You now have what we refer to as I1 privs.

Wow… that was unexpected. I think I've been doing support for two and a half weeks now, and already I1.

When I told Stella about it (I said, "I've been promoted" :D), she said, "Well, now you've got what you were working for"… but I don't think that's it.

I think it's a bit like my real-life job, computing; promotion means new possibilities and opportunities but also different responsibilities. In my RL job, this usually means less coding and more organising and coordinating, which is not something I enjoy all that much. In support, as far as I can see, this includes the ability to read screened answers possibly learn from them and show that I can deal with possibly sensitive information (and that I can resist the temptation to correct other people in their answers).

I'm not quite sure yet how useful the ability to read screened answers and leave internal comments is; I'll have to wait and find out.

My first experience with reading screened answers was a bit depressing, though… reading through some of the answers that have been given made me think quite a bit more of the kind I give. I suppose that either means that I've become more picky since I've been around the support crowd, or that some answers are… not quite up to the guidelines. Maybe not exactly "I don't know, but tell me if you find out" but using colloquial language or guesses. The sort of thing that's warned against in the support tutorial. Though I don't claim to have that memorised and a fair number of my answers aren't approveable.

Let's wait and find out.

I made this into a public post because this sort of thing doesn't happen that often, but I'd like to remind you again that if you want to see random exuberance about support points I get or other support experiences of mine (in irregular intervals), I post those using a custom friends filter. If you want to read them and are a friend of mine already, let me know and I'll add you to the filter.


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