Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Why I like my fonts bigger

I heard the other day that the reason why many near-sighted people like their fonts a bit bigger is that their corrective lenses make everything a bit smaller in addition to changing the perceived distance.

I'm not sure whether that's true -- I know that things look smaller when I put my glasses close to an object and then look from a distance, but not whether they also look smaller when the glasses are close to my eyes and far from the object --, but it would help explain why I've been turning up the font size recently. (Another part of the explanation is the higher dpi value of some of the monitors I've used.)

Though I think that in a way, I like higher dpi values now, as long as I can configure the font: since this means that at a given font size (in cm, not pixels), the characters will be slightly more detailed since they're made up of more pixels.
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