Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

J'ai compris!

This morning, I went to the Bürgeramt and registered us at the new address.

When I came back, Stella and Amy were playing Playmobil in the half-darkness; apparently, the electricians had cut the power because they were installing the new fuse box thingy.

After I ate breakfast, Stella and I unpacked some more boxes with books.

I had the idea to put Amy in front of GCompris while we worked, to keep her out of our hair, so I looked for the Knoppix DVD.

I booted the notebook off it (so that it would keep working even when the power kept going on and off occasionally) and showed her a couple of things.

At first, her mouse motor skills were very rough, but she's been making quite a bit of progress just in the couple of hours or so she's been playing with it on and off.

She doesn't move and click at the same time, so she'll typically move the house to the desired position (which'll often still take quite a bit of circling in as she overshoots the mark or gets the direction wrong), then click the button. Dragging (e.g. to paint a line in TuxPaint) doesn't work so well yet.

She did pretty well in the "recognise letters" game (as long as they were only uppercase) and enjoyed a game of Memory (until the board started getting too many cards for her taste) as well as "click the right colour duckie".

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