Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Spell-checking Romansh

The other day, I dreamed that I studied linguistics of some kind or another and worked on a Romansh spell-checker as part of my work (perhaps an input file for myspell/hunspell or something like that).

I thought I'd ask to see whether something like that—or even simply a decently-sized list of correctly-spelled words—exists, so I asked the Lia Rumantscha.

Today, I got a response telling me that he only knew of Microsoft Office's spell checking function for Rumantsch Grischun which, he said, used the Pledari Grond (the "Big Dictionary" that's also available online) as a basis, and that he didn't know of any other systems. (And that he hadn't even heard of ispell/myspell/hunspell before; I had mentioned that uses hunspell, for example.)

Pity. Though I suppose that's par for the course for a language with a small native speaker base, unless you get an idealistic enthusiast or three who push forward the work themselves.

Incidentally, his response to me was in Rumantsch Grischun, which was a wee but welcome surprise for me since the past few emails I had received in Romansh were in various idioms, which I don't understand as well as RG.

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