Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

No more short walks to bus :(

Eep, I had read that the route of bus 3 was to be changed, but I thought this wouldn't affect me since the change would be in a part of the route that I don't use.

But I just read in a different source that in order to keep travel times down after the route has been lengthened, the bus would no longer stop at three "wenig frequentierten Haltestellen" (bus stops that don't see as much use)—including the one that's closest to work :(

On the other hand, now that I've thought about it for a minute, it probably won't affect me that much in the end, since (a) busses don't run on that part of the route after 18:00, when I'm not always finished; (b) I tend to take the 1 instead so that I won't end up in a traffic jam on Stresemannstraße (though this requires changing one more time); and (c) I'm probably not going to be working in Bahrenfeld for very long after the timetable change anyway... (hopefully).

And besides, the 2 will still stop at the close bus-stop, so if I'm lazy I can either take the 2 to Altona, or to Trabrennbahn and then change into the 3 there.

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