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Philip Newton

Note to self: distance we moved

I just started up the Kalendis calendar calculator to see what it would say for today, and saw that it still had our old location stored (unsurprisingly).

So I changed it to our new location (within 0.04" N of what I had written down, since it would only do 0.1" increments), and saw that it displayed information about the change—in this case, how far we moved :)

So, since I had always wondered exactly how far it was (I had told people "a couple of hundred metres", but that was more a guess than anything) but was too lazy to look, here it is—helpfully copied to the clipboard by Kalendis.

New Locale:

Switching from "Old Winsener Str. 131"
to "Radbrucher Stieg 46"

Bearing = 209,7° (15,3°S of SW)
same time zone

Spherical Geometric Distance = 0,26 km = 0,86727 Lt·µs
Oblate Spheroid Distance = 0,26 km = 0,86727 Lt·µs
(Lt·µs = distance that light travels in a microsecond)

Difference in Longitude = 0,00194°W, Latitude = 0,00203°S

At "Radbrucher Stieg 46" there are
111,3 km/degree = 30,9 m/s of latitude and
66,46 km/degree = 18,5 m/s of longitude

Mean Solar Time = UT + 39m 56s

So, according to this calculation, we moved roughly 260 m (about a quarter of a kilometre; about 850 ft) SW.

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