Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

How children sort things out by themselves

A quarter of an hour ago or so, I heard loud crying from upstairs from Amy, about how "that was mine!" followed by Erik claiming, "no, I was playing with it", etc.

I considered going upstairs to intervene but decided against it, opting for letting them sort it out by themselves instead... and sure enough, a few minutes later, they were happily playing with each other again.

Not intervening at the first cry or tear was something I had to learn; Stella had to keep me back a couple of times when Amy was younger.

Amy sure does like to sing.

Another (possible) Anglicism in her German: "wie so" (= like this/like that), where German would simply use "so". (For example, "Du musst das wie so machen!" = "Du musst das so machen", "You have to do it like this".)

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