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I wanted to buy some printer ink cartridges for our two HP printers but didn't remember what numbers to get, so I had a look at HP's web site.

The international one was slightly confusing since the same printer uses differently-numbered cartridges depending on the zone, so I also checked the German site.

It didn't even recognise Stella's printer, but did recognise mine.

What I found amusing was that several of the cartridges came in two kinds of packaging: one cartridge per pack and two cartridges per pack, marked, respectively, Standard and Nutzen.

"Nutzen"—hee. Presumably a translation of the marketing-ese "value", as in "you get more bang for your buck". I wonder whether the translator really didn't understand what "value" meant in that context, or whether he couldn't think of a more decent German rendering. (How about "Preisvorteil" or "Günstiger" or "Sie sparen ...%"?)

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