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Happy New Year from home

I think this is the latest I've ever been home (1:30 in the morning), but when we left the Gerulats' at 1:20 we were the first to go... I'm really not the party person, I suppose :)

The party was mostly good, and I was glad I was there, for the most part. Some of the fireworks were really pretty, others were just loud.

Amy behaved really, really well the entire evening: no whining at all except for once near the end. And she stayed awake nearly the entire time, until about 0:30.

We had gone to IKEA this morning and had bought, among other things, a plush crocodile (with a little crocodile in its mouth) for Amy. She called the two "Croco" and "Mary", and she wanted to take them with her to the party. Which turned out to be a good thing, since she had lots of fun with them—playing around by herself, with Jeva and Verena, or with anyone else who'd play with her :)

Speaking of which, I think Jeva and Verena played with Amy a fair bit, for which I was glad since it meant that she wasn't "underfoot" nor constantly demanding attention. (She had, at one point, also tried to play with Luca but he just wanted some peace and quiet by himself.)

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