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Getting Amy to bed

Getting Amy to bed has been a pretty exhausting and time-consuming process recently; for example, today it took us about 45 minutes to get her to sleep.

What's especially frustrating about it for whoever tries to put her to sleep is that she'll often be on the brink of nodding off, but then resist—by wriggling, sitting up in her bed, or doing something else. Seeing her close her eyes and start to relax, only to jerk up again so you can start over again for another 8 minutes or so, is rather frustrating.

Leaving her alone in her bed is not a particularly good solution, either; she'll either come out several times complaining she "can't fall-a asleep", start playing in her room, or get up to mischief that she can do in her bed, such as ripping wallpaper off her wall. And in any event, she doesn't fall asleep in time for her to get the sleep she needs, leaving her cranky the next day.

*sigh* I wish children came with an on/off switch sometimes.

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