Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

A new Pirate

This morning, as I came into the kindergarten with Amy, Elisa was there in the hallway, too.

She hung around Amy's locker door while I was undressing her, and after a while, asked to go into the dolphin group. So I asked her whether I should open the door for her and she said yes.

Shortly afterwards, one of the teachers (Nadine?) came out with her and said that was a nice thought on my part, but she's now a Pirate, not a Dolphin any more. I asked whether this was something new, since I always thought she was a Dolphin, and she said, yes, she recently finished the Eingewöhnungsphase (acculturation? accustomising? acclimatisation?) and was now a Pirate.

Ah well. I guess everyone gets older :)

Also, I wonder whether Elisa will end up (at least passively) trilingual, since I was told she spoke Spanish at home, and I presume she also knows (or is picking up) German, and she might pick up some English from the English-speaking kindergarten teachers.

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