Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

This is getting ridiculous

OK, and now Opera renders my page in Times New Roman because that's what I picked for Arabic?

Now this is getting ridiculous.

Plus, Arabic is one language where I'm not prepared to fall back to "Auto", at least not while "Auto" is FreeSerif and FreeSerif doesn't do proper Arabic shaping for Persian letters; it's just not worth it for me.

So, off with his head. Buh-bye, FreeSerif.

Edit: OK, restart Opera, I still get a weird font. Can't identify it off-hand, so "chop" go FreeMono and FreeSans, too. Still no luck; Opera still has an odd font.

Edit 2: Bengali??? Are you out of your mind? My friends page is not written in Bengali! The font I pick for that should be entirely irrelevant given that you're supposed to be displaying Latin letters! And even "Auto" isn't working here; it still looks odd.

Edit 3: "CJK Symbols and Punctuation", now, is it? You are off your rocker.

But at least Opera seems to be displaying my Latin text in my default Latin font now that I've put CJK Symbols and Punctuation on "Auto". Which happens to be Batang, which is not my favourite, since I tend to read more Chinese and Japanese than Korean, so it's possible that the fonts may clash a bit. But I'll settle for that for now in order to get my Latin text back to Georgia.

Seriously, Opera. What. Were. You. Thinking?

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