Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


I wish I knew ASL.

Unfortunately, getting there is hampered by several problems:

  • Resources for learning ASL here in Germany will be limited (I'd probably have to settle for recordings on DVD or the like, rather than being able to work interactively with a teacher)
  • Resources for using ASL here in Germany will be limited (both to practise while learning, for maintenance once I've got to a decent level, and for actual "just for fun" communication), since most people don't know sign language of any kind and those who do will know German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache, DGS)
  • I'm lazy.

One way (partly) around #2 would be learning DGS instead.

I'm not sure which would be "better". DGS would probably net me more speakers here, but on the Internet, I'm more likely to come across ASL. (For example, on YouTube—or on the LDS website, which has some things, such as General Conference sessions or the monthly home teaching/visiting teaching messages, available in ASL [or [US] Braille, for that matter] but none in DGS or other signed languages [or non-US Braille].)

In summary, wibble.

(And I suspect that the biggest issue might actually be #3 rather than #1 or #2....)

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