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Calendar of Romansh Literature

At the beginning of December, there was a post to the "Posta Rumantscha" mailing list advertising "Il Chalender da Litterature Rumantscha" (the Calendar of Romansh Literature) to all those who were still "looking for a pretty Christmas present": "53 Romansh authors accompany you through the year 2009 with some poetry or some prose text and a pretty photograph or picture for every week".

Sounded interesting, but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go through the hassle of ordering from Switzerland and figuring out how to send them my money. (Or whether I even had enough at the time, since I wasn't sure how much postage would be.)

A couple of days ago, though, another post came to the mailing list announcing "the last opportunity to purchase the Calendar of Romansh Literature 2009" from the Lia Rumantscha, for a reduced price.

So I thought, why not, and headed over to their little shopping corner, and found the calendar, as advertised—though irritatingly enough, it didn't say how much p&p would be, only that the price would be "plus postage and packing".

I placed my order anyway, and a day later I got a bill with their bank details but also the offer to send them euros by post in order to save on international bank fees, which I thought was a good idea. (And handily enough, the cost including postage and packing was very nearly a round sum in euros, so I could just stick one banknote in my letter.)

However, the response was in German (except for the greeting and salutation, which were in Romansh), and I wasn't sure whether to feel insulted or not :)

I suppose they figured that someone with a mailing address not in Graubünden (or even Switzerland) was unlikely to understand Romansh, even though he was ordering a calendar of literature. Ah well :)

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