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Lots of noise(s) // kindergarten

I think Amy hasn't yet grasped the subtle difference between the mass-noun and count-noun senses of noise.

To see what I mean, compare When I drag this stick along the ground, it makes lots of noises (count; German "viele Geräusche") and When I drag this stick along the ground, it makes lots of noise (mass; German "viel Lärm/Krach").

Subtly different meanings of "noise" in each case.

And I bet many of you native speakers have never thought about the distinction, just used it automatically :)

In unrelated news, I just renewed Amy's kindergarten coupon, so her kindergarten place will continue to get subsidised by the city. And we upped the number of hours from 4 to 5 (the maximum you're entitled to—if you want more, you either have to pay for the place yourself or prove that you need longer hours e.g. because both parents are working or are attending language courses or whatever) and added dinner, since she said several times that she'd like to eat dinner in kindergarten with the other children.

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